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We believe innovation is key for future economic growth. Our innovative ecosystem model is based on creating a unique bridge connecting government, academia and private initiative in a beneficial and sustainable manner. BaseCamp's unique expertise enables us to initiate, establish, manage and connect players from different sectors and support the creation of an ecosystem  greater than the sum of its parts .

Our Innovation Ecosystems

connecting different sectors


Leveraging the potential of local human capital by boosting opportunities and creating high-level tech training programs such as workshops, conferences, hackathons and other tailor made events.


Academy represents high levels of innovation.
Unlocking this innovative ״secret garden", combined with the academic institute's talent pool, can be a powerful tool to attract leading tech companies to the region and encourage economic growth.

Tech companies

We believe multinational and local technology companies, R&D centers and start-ups, should be the heart of the local ecosystem. Understanding their needs and "speaking" their language, will contribute to the Integration of this important piece of the ecosystem.


Government involvement and support are major factors in creating a successful ecosystem, rich with business and employment opportunities.
Creating designated incentive tracks & tax exemptions can support in attracting leading tech companies as well as other anchors.


BaseCamp's ecosystem model is targeted on extracting and leveraging the unique advantages and strengths embodied in the main partners of the ecosystem, to create a successful public-private partnership that will be the main engine boost to the ecosystem's growth.

Israeli innovation

Israeli innovation is world-known for it's pioneering approach. BaseCamp's vast network of connections with innovative Israeli start-ups, high-tech companies, as well as with senior officials in the Israeli tech ecosystem, fulfills an important part in establishing ecosystems around the globe.

Case study

Gav-Yam Negev Tech Park is based on a Public-Private Partnership between BGU (Ben-Gurion University), city of Beer-Sheva, Gav-Yam and Innovation BaseCamp.


Talented innovative employees


IT companies & startups


Annual direct income to the region

A New Silicon Valley In The Middle East: Be’er Sheva Rising

Our Team

Uzy Zwebner

Founder and president

David Shemesh


Itay Katzav

Head of business Development

Offir Levin

Client Relations Coordinator

Noya Zwebner

 UX/UI designer

Miri Ben Hayun

Administrative Manager


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Welcome to Innovation BaseCamp

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