Initiate and Manage Innovation Ecosystem

What We Do
We see Innovation Districts as future foundations of economic developments. Our Innovation Districts are based on cooperation
between government, academia and private entrepreneurship (PPP).
By our unique expertise we initiate, establish, manage and connect all attributes together to create flourishing districts. We select strategic locations, both in peripheral and main regions.
Sucssesful Model

Gav-Yam Negev High Tech Park

Beer-Sheva, Israel

Academic Involvement
Academic involvement is a major foundation of the innovation park. The cooperation between the park and the academia combines a huge talent pool of graduates from the one hand, with employment opportunities on the other hand. The proximity between them, maximizes the potential of success.


BaseCamp specializes in creating strong cooperation between the academia and the park.
Sucssesful Model
We Are Adaptive
BaseCamp’s “All Attributes for Success” Model can be adapted according to the uniqueness of each project, country and location.
Innovation hub. Marinetech, Agrotech, Medical and Medical device.
High Tech parks
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Science Port Innovation hub. Medical device, robotics.
Wanchuang town high-tech park. Sino-Israel cooperation.
AIFC Tech sub ecosystem. Fintech, Cyber Academy.


 ~Kfar Kassem








We export the Israeli innovation districts know-how to universities, governments, cities and private developers, globally.
BaseCamp provides the innovation content to the physical structure.

A New Silicon Valley In The Middle East: Be’er Sheva Rising

Leaders in Innovation Districts
Co-Founder, Be’er Sheva’s High Tech Park Founder & President, BaseCamp
Uzy Zwebner
David Shemesh
Chief Technology Officer
Head of Business Development
Itay Katzav

Clients Relations
Ofir Levin


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